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Group surf lessons in Manhattan Beach, California

Surf lessons in Manhattan Beach and Los Angeles

We offer classes for groups and individuals

Our founder, Tyler Tryfas, has a master’s degree in education and over 15 years of surfing experience

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Private Surf Experience Lesson

The Surf Experience

Learn to surf Surf instruction
Enjoy the ultimate rush of riding a wave in single surf lesson. We’ll teach you the basic skills for surfing: paddling, popping-up, balancing, and surfing waves. Gop-quality surfboards and wetsuits are available for rent during surf lessons. Depending on weather and surf conditions, various locations are available.

The Surf 4 Real Program

We offer comprehensive surf lessons for anyone that wishes to become an independent surfer. Our students include beginners that wish to learn to surf, self-taught surfers that have hit a plateau, and intermediate surfers that want to enhance their skills.

During your first surf lesson, we will assess your physical ability and surfing skills, and then customize a surf instruction program to fit your needs. You’ll learn the “how to”, as well as the “why” behind each surfing skill. Our students receive “homework” to practice on their own to perfect each skill. Students advance to each skill level in the surf instruction program at their own pace.

For intermediate surfers, we help fix poor habits and re-establish solid fundamentals. We’ll help determine where you’re ‘stuck’ (reading waves, turning, tricks, catching big waves, short board, etc.) and customize your surf lessons to break through the barrier.

Group surf lessons are scheduled so that you learn with other surfers in your skill range. We strive to promote a fun atmosphere, encouraging students to help each other improve. Many students continue to surf together outside of the program.

Surf Coaching

For experienced surfers, One Wave Surf provides advanced surf lessons and coaching.