About Us

Tyler Trafas surfing in El Salvadore

One Wave Surf was established in 2003 by Tyler Trafas, is a Los Angeles local with over 15 years of surfing experience. Tyler came up with the idea while repairing surfboards in his garage during a summer break as a school teacher. He recognized that countless surfboards being thrown away or incinerated could easily be restored to full-use. He began buying and refurbishing surfboards, creating an eco-friendly business: high-quality boards at low cost, keeping considerable synthetic materials out of the landfills and atmosphere.

Tyler soon discovered that many clients requested surf lessons. Utilizing his Masters degree in education, Tyler developed distinct training programs: a comprehensive course to develop serious, independent surfers, and a one-day class providing the rush of riding a wave. Tyler has been teaching to a wide age range in private and small group sessions for over six years.

Since then, One Wave Surf has also added advanced coaching, surf guides, adventure travel, and surf-oriented Yoga instruction to the list of services.