Surf Experience versus Learn 2 Surf 4 Real Coaching

Not sure which surf lesson is for you? No worries, we are here to help.

  1. If you decide to take a Surf Experience, we’ll use High end Surf School boards and instructor techniques to make sure you get to feel the thrill of surfing and maximize your success of riding a wave in one session. We will cover how to give a surf report, yoga for surfers, water safety, board safety, surf skills and of cost wave riding. The Surf Experience is our more organic approach to surfing with more emphasis on pure fun!
  2. Learn 2 Surf 4 Real is designed for students who want to become strong independent surfers over time. L2S4R is signing up for the college course of surfing,  where instructors teach specific skills for surf foundation building. Students get a deeper understanding of surf theory and must practice a workout routine & do surf homework between classes. Water skills are taught in the water, however more emphasis is on teaching, drilling and mastery of skill than on pure fun.
  3. L2S4R Surf Coaching is for students with considerable experience already who want to revisit surfing, improve skills or learn new tricks.

In Summary, if you’ve always wanted to try surfing, take a Surf Experience. If your dream is to become a serious surfer, Learn 2 Surf 4 Real. Both style lessons are extremely fun, informative, and designed to teach you surf skills that will last you a lifetime.

Common Questions / Issues to decide which program’s better SE L2S4R
Includes Surfboard and Wetsuit X X
Great for beginners X X
Great for intermediates
Better for organic learners, first-time surfers, kids, visitors &
good times at the beach
Better for structured learners & people dedicated to a life of surf
I want a photo with my board today X
I want a photo riding a big wave 6 months from now
I want to buy a surfboard in the future & need help with sizing X X
I got a surfboard and need help figuring it out
I have no idea if this surfing thing is for me, but I want to try at least once X
I am 100% sure surfing is for me and I want to get serious soon x X
I have been surfing for more than 10 hours and I just can’t figure it out. HELP !!
I want to give surfing as a gift to a friend / loved one who has never surfed X
I want to give surfing as a gift to a friend / loved one struggling with surf form

The choice is yours, do you want a Surf Experience or do you want to Learn 2 Surf 4 Real?

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