Is a Fish surfboard a good transition surfboard?

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Is a Fish surfboard a good transition surfboard?

Over the years I have received hundreds of calls about fish surfboards. Yes, they look cool and retro. They are fun on those small days. They have more volume than a normal surfboard that length. But, are they a good board for transitioning from a longboard to a shortboard?

In my experience the answer is, “No.”

A fish is a specialized surfboard for someone who already has shred skills! It’s a mellow summer surfboard for small days when you just don’t want to pull out the longboard. It is not the right surfboard to help you develop shortboard skills.

This is our recommendation for someone transitioning:

  1. Figure out the type of surfboard you want to ride as endgame.
  2. Get a high volume version of that board.
  3. Learn to ride it.
  4. Step down when you are ready to a smaller version.
  5. Keep that transition surfboard around for friends doing the same or pass it on to another learner.

There are several sizes and shapes to pick from when you are stepping down. Maybe get used surfboards until you are happy with the size you are shredding. We also recommend doing your homework on good step down surfboards but keep in mind the object is to get out there and ride increasingly smaller boards. Rentals surfboards are not a bad idea as well.

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