Choosing between a new surfboard, used surfboard or custom surfboards

Here is a quick beginners guide to getting your first surfboard. You can go “Used”, “New off the rack” or “Custom surfboard”.  Each category has its pros and cons. Below we go through each one and give you a little bit more information, so that the next time you get […]

How to setup a new surfboard before hitting the waves!

How to setup a new surfboard before the beach. One Wave Surf recently created a new line of surfboards designed for beginner to intermediate surfers and or surfers who really need custom dimensions. We have been working on boards for so long we kind of forgot that the average person […]

Reviews of 4 popular foam beginner surfboards

One Wave Surf reviews four of the most popular foam beginner surfboards. 1. The Cosco Wavestorm surfboard – $100 MRSP Description: 8’0 long, 22 wide & nearly 4 inches thick. Comes with leash & Rubber fins Volume/weight rated for a beginner between 90-140lbs Pros: Possibly the most popular of foam […]