5 silly beginner surfers moves.

Are you just starting to surf? Beginner surfer? Just beginning to surf again? Worries about looking funny as a beginner? Here are 5 silly lookin’ things beginner surfers & kooks often do and are easily avoidable:

  1. Dragging your leash. Is your leash really that fricken heavy? Everyday you see people in the Manhattan Beach parking area dragging leashes like they are a ton of bricks… Maintain control of your surf equipment always!
  2. Paddling your surfboard with your legs open. You never see a good surfer paddling with their legs hanging off the rails  do you? Nope, just adds more work for you arms! During our surf lessons we always tell people to close your legs and keep them on the board.
  3. Laying incorrectly on the surfboard. Too far back and you’re popping wheelies (also pushing water giving even more work to your arms!).  Or too far forward where the nose is sinking and the board has now become a ticking time bomb for the inevitable nose dive. If you are a beginner surfer or jus getting back into it, watch how the advanced surfers around lay on their surfboard correctly.
  4. Paddling out with no wax! Oh dear, we have had to stop many beginner surfers in the parking lot and let them use some of our wax. No wax, means you will be slipping everywhere.
  5. Dropping in! Doesn’t matter how talented of a surfer you are, dropping in makes you a kook. Sometimes beginners do it too by paddling and not watching out for other surfers. Pay attention and everyone wins!

So,whether you are a beginner surfer or beginning to surf again, pay attention to these common beginner moves and try to reign them in as soon as possible.

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