Realistic Surfing Goals For Beginners

Realistic Goals For Your First Couple Week of Surfing

Expectations can run high in a surf lesson, of course it will be fun, but it can be frustrating if you have set unrealistic surfing goals for yourself. Not everyone can surf, and is meant to surf. In some cases it may take some serious training. You need to be in good physical shape, have excellent balance, open ocean awareness and be dedicated to constant improvement.  Popping up on the first day isn’t always gonna happen, but it can in your first week. Here are some realistic surfing goals for most beginner surfers.

  1. Pop up on your surfboard in the white water.  Get those feet on the board. That’s all you need at first just getting your feet in the wax
  2. Ride a whitewater wave. Once you get your pop up then you need to hang on and take the ride. Keep those knees bent and have a wide stance for stability.
  3. Paddle out through the breakers  to the unbroken waves. This may be the first of many big hurdles beginners need to get over.  Paddling can be a very stressful activity.
  4. Try to catch a green (unbroken) wave. This is much harder than it sounds but in your first or second week you should be able to catch one and belly it toward shore, just for the feeling.
  5. Have fun. It is the most important thing for any surf session, be it in a lesson or not. We are all out in the water to have a good time. Once expectations soar higher than a reality, it can be very frustrating. Always remember, Surfing is fun and at times it can be gnarly hard and unwelcoming, but the rewards are amazing and make the hardships worth it.

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